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Hi, I am Ann Bunge, Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Nutritionist and compete as an IFBB PRO figure athlete.

I have many years of experience working with a wide range of clients.

Services Offered:

Online Training  - A perfect program for those that want a personalized program developed for them, yet prefer to workout on their own.  I will develop your program based on your individual goals. I will keep you motivated and accountable while ensuring you never hit a plateau.
In Person Team Weight Loss Program-  a fun, affordable but serious team effort approach to reach your Health and Fitness Goals. Its a 12 week program and required to train with me 3 times a week. We will start with an assessment to determine current fitness level.
In Person One-on-one Training- Personal one on one sessions design to achieve your individual goals
30 Minute express Workout-  Personalized one on one training for those who prefer a quicker version of training.

Online Training- A way to learn the importance of what you eat and how it impacts your Health and Fitness Goals
Group Education Classes- Periodically I will be offering group nutrition course throughout the year.
One-on-one Coaching- Individualize plan to teach you how to provide your body with the food it needs to feel your best.

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Ann Bunge